• Re: Debian 11 on Amiga

    From vorlon@21:1/195.1 to Spectre on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 10:53:31
    Hi Spec,

    Yes. I've got Debian 11 installed on the A3000 as the main os,
    and the A4000 changes between 3.1 and debian. The lastest working
    kernel is 5.15, and I've been testing/reporting issues with the
    latter ones 5.18/5.19

    I have no idea about the debian numbering system, but I'm a little
    surprised there's something that "seems" so recent for an 040..

    Debian 11.x = bullseye, is the latest versions. The version for M68K is
    called "bookworm/sid", the testing version.

    Untill recently there was no support for m68K as the Architecture couldnt
    keep up with all the changes. It's now what's called a "port", and not on
    the official port. See https://www.debian.org/ports/

    dude... I know at one stage the local Miga power users seemed to be
    raiding mac accelerators and macs themselves for faster parts... :) Not

    Seeking the CPU's! For example there are now adapter boards to make a
    68060 cpu fit into a 68040 scoket. There is only minor differences
    between the two cpu's.


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