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    From Spectre@21:3/101 to Nobody on Friday, September 16, 2022 15:49:00
    So having passed the sick as a dog point, and having driven all the way to Queensland on something that appears to have turned into a fools errand,
    there doesn't seem to be a lot of spare time going on...

    Some months back now I had an Uncle pass away, given my mother is now 93 he wasn't any spring chicken either... Out of the blue though he was sitting on
    a substantial amount of money, which surprised me. His estate was split
    between his 3 suriving sisters, followed by all the nieces and nephews
    of which there are 12 of us.

    In the end, although its a good amount and not to be sneezed at, it doesn't significantly help me, it mildly affects my pension, but doesn't give enough
    to consider trying to buy a home somewhere cheep or anything like that, even added to the remains of my old TPD payout.

    On the other hand, my Mother has a far more significant sum. She gets excommunicated from her pension altogether. Probably not a huge issue, as it shouldn't be to hard to achieve her annual income to keep her in the manner she's accustomed to.

    But then she threw out a real curve ball. The second recently. She's
    thinking about buying a house, and getting in home care. Myopic blink, and
    say waht? Ahh sure, so now I'm hunting houses, fixing centrelink problems generally have paperwork to the eyeballs.


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