• Talisman v0.25

    From apam@21:1/182 to All on Sunday, October 03, 2021 10:38:25

    I've uploaded Talisman v0.25 to talismandocs.com

    New stuff..

    * More scripting commands, to access call log database mostly.

    * Basic QWK networking.

    * Windows version now uses OpenSSL v3.0 instead of v1.1.1l (Linux version
    will compile with either.)

    * Some minor memory leaks fixed.

    Now, how to use QWKIE the qwk network tosser / poller / scanner. Well you
    will need to create a qwkie.toml file in your data directory....

    I won't copy and paste the docs page for that, it's fairly
    straight forward, there's just two arrays (a network array and an area

    You will also need to set up corresponding message bases in talisman.
    QWKIE message bases are considered "Local" message bases. the qwkie
    program will attach a tagline to outgoing messages (instead of talisman).

    If you would like my dovenet toml files send me an email and I'll get
    them to you.

    The last 10 caller script seen on happyland is not included, if you want
    a copy of that let me know also. (Talisman has a built in last 10 callers
    so that is still used by default)

    IMPORTANT: Take a backup before you upgrade.... just in case :)

    Please let me know if you have any problems, I have tested it on windows,
    but only to ensure that i can log in... and that qwkie runs..


    |03Andrew Pamment |08(|11apam|08)
    |13Happy|10Land |14v2.0|08!|07

    --- Talisman v0.25-dev (Linux/x86_64)
    * Origin: HappyLand v2.0 - telnet://happylandbbs.com:11892/ (21:1/182)