• Deleting Messages

    From apam@21:1/182 to All on Sunday, October 31, 2021 15:40:25

    Today I added support for deleting messages. It is highly experimental,
    and your last read pointers may behave weirdly.

    I've updated the Grinning Cat to this test build and will continue to
    test deleting etc.

    To add deletion I realized I was doing Last Read pointers wrong (using
    the message offset instead of the UMSGID, so they would be wrong when
    deleting messages) I think I've fixed it.

    It also required fixing some of the frame re-use stuff in the squish code.

    At present only security level 99 or higher can actually delete messages,
    and it's not listed anywhere (delete from the reading screen, ie press

    TODO: Add confirmation to delete, add sysop definable security levels to
    a) delete any message or b) delete your own message.

    I plan on doing that this week sometime, but I want to make sure I
    haven't stuffed up squish first.


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