• Talisman v0.29 Out Now

    From apam@21:1/182 to All on Tuesday, November 02, 2021 12:50:26

    Talisman v0.29 is out now, with reworked lastread pointers and message deletion.

    It's important you recompile all your executables this time if you're on
    linux, as the Squish stuff has changed.

    Windows can of course just install over the top of their old installation.

    To delete a message, you need to either have deletion enabled for your
    security level, or be in a message area that allows deletion for your
    security level.

    sec_levels have the additional flags:

    can_delete_own_msgs = false
    can_delete_msgs = false

    these default to false.

    Message areas have the optional additional flags

    delete_sec_level = 99
    delete_own_sec_level = 99

    These default to -1 or NO ONE.

    So, if you only want sysops to be able to delete messages, you would
    enable it in seclevels.ini for the sysop security level. If you also want
    level 25+ to be able to delete their own messages in a particular base,
    you would add delete_own_sec_level = 25 to that message base.


    |03Andrew Pamment |08(|11apam|08)
    |13Happy|10Land |14v2.0|08!|07

    --- Talisman v0.29-dev (Linux/x86_64)
    * Origin: HappyLand v2.0 - telnet://happylandbbs.com:11892/ (21:1/182)
  • From JoE DooM@21:1/230 to apam on Tuesday, November 02, 2021 22:20:18
    Talisman v0.29 is out now, with reworked lastread pointers and message deletion.

    Great work Andrew.
    I saw the responses in GitLab and realised I hadn't logged on in ages. :)

    I'm running the latest from git (managed to do a git pull 20 minutes
    after you did the last update) and it's all working great.

    Of the bundled binaries, I use servo, talisman, and postie.
    Plus I use binkd and my own tic file processor called stick.

    It's also worth noting that I left the BBS for what, 2-3 months? and it
    just kept on ticking. Mail kept coming in and the constant connections
    from vuln scanners didn't phase it.

    And thanks for adding in the IP addresses into the talisman connection
    logs. Now I can write a script to give me a report on who's trying to
    break in. :)

    now for some investigations:

    Next thing I'm going to look at is servo's NodeManager.. I seem to be
    getting lots of messages saying "blocking ip x.x.x.x" each time the
    blocked IP tries to connect.

    The IP is in the blocklist.ip file.

    So I'll have to see if this is a misconfiguration on my end or if it's a
    bug I need to report. :)

    Also, my plan is to set up something to add rules into firewalld to block
    IP addresses before they even get to servo. And possibly flush
    blocklist.ip every so often so it doesn't get infinitely large.

    But this is very low priority stuff and doesn't impact the running of the
    BBS. It must be doing the blocking, it's just noisy about it. As I said,
    the board ran for several months unhindered. I just checked. The last
    reboot for system updates (before today) was august. And systemctl
    doesn't appear to have needed to restart any of the BBS services during
    that time.

    --- Talisman v0.29-dev (Linux/x86_64)
    * Origin: Lost Underground BBS (21:1/230)