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    From apam@21:1/182 to All on Monday, November 15, 2021 14:56:06

    Just a heads up, if you're polling dove net (or any other synchronet
    style qwk network) I recommened turning the option for HEADERS.DAT on.

    Log in to vert with your qwk id, and change packet configuration, then
    locate the option to include HEADERS.DAT to ON

    It won't hurt if you're on an old version of QWKIE, and new versions will support some of the features in HEADERS.DAT, some that make things nicer
    for Synchronet sysops receiving mail from talisman bbses, and some things needed for Avatars.

    Regarding Avatars, I'm undecided if I should include it in the git
    repository. Originally it was my plan to release it as a Talisman "MOD",
    and those who want the feature can go get it.

    The thinking behind the MOD idea, was if there were other avatar implementations, like alpha's old one, a sysop could choose the one he
    wanted, and I don't want my mods to have advantages over other peoples
    mods, like an "official" status by coming with git.

    Perhaps that thinking is silly, and I should just include all mods with talisman, (I think synchronet sort of does that) but it would be nice to
    one day have talisman mod releases like mystic does, from their
    respective authors.

    Anyway, I might wait a few days before releasing v0.32, and the avatar
    mod, as I want to test things a bit more first.


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