• Talisman v0.33 Out Now

    From apam@21:1/182 to All on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 12:50:17
    Just uploaded / hatched Talisman v0.33

    What's new:

    * Improved logging when loading invalid toml files.
    * Support for @USERNAME@ in login menu data
    * New "Top" user attributes and script functions
    * utf8 to cp437 conversion. (converts utf8 in some toml strings,
    strings.dat and utf8 messages)
    * Reply to Netmail function.
    * @MSGCONF@ available in fsr_header_*
    * Fixes for file listing descriptions.
    * Fix for toolbelt when importing files.na


    |03Andrew Pamment |08(|11apam|08)
    |13Happy|10Land |14v2.0|08!|07

    --- Talisman v0.33-dev (Linux/x86_64)
    * Origin: HappyLand v2.0 - telnet://happylandbbs.com:11892/ (21:1/182)