• New Talisman Features

    From apam@21:1/101 to All on Friday, June 17, 2022 15:57:20
    In git, I've added the following new features:

    there is now the ability to load specific fonts when a user logs in, so you can use them later. This is done with a new toml file called "fonts.toml" and lives in data/

    format is like this:

    slot = 100
    filename = "/path/to/font.f16"

    slot = 101
    filename = "/path/to/anotherfont.f16"

    You can then change fonts with @ codes in your gfiles.


    will change the default font to whatever font is in slot 100


    Font for blinking


    Font for bold


    Font for bold & blinking

    you can also use these short codes for the built in fonts, like topaz etc.

    Also, there is now a short code to include a sixel image:


    If talisman detects the terminal can handle sixel (ie, if it's magiterm, or if it has the cterm string that tells it, like syncterm does) it will display a sixel image at the current cursor location.

    The detection isn't perfect, some terminals can support sixel ie. konsole can, but doesn't respond to cterm string.

    If you're using sixel in your layout, an idea might be to draw ansi, then position the cursor over it and display the sixel, that way users without sixel support will see the ansi, sixel users will see the sixel.


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