• postie ticproc

    From AngryLarry@21:2/119 to All on Thursday, July 21, 2022 12:54:04

    I have just recently started playing with Talisman and it's awesome. I
    love that I can use Lua to write pretty much anything I need. I do have
    one problem that maybe someone can help with. I can process and toss mail without issue but it does appear when I use ticproc in postie, it crashes
    when using the tic password. If I remote the password and goes through
    but doesn't process the secure tics and complains about the passwords.
    Any suggestions on troubleshooting this?

    From the logs:

    2022-07-21 12:45:12 [25092] DEBUG: Starting Tosser
    2022-07-21 12:45:12 [12992] DEBUG: Starting Scanner
    2022-07-21 12:45:12 [13496] DEBUG: Starting TicProc
    2022-07-21 12:45:12 [13496] ERROR: bink/in_sec\ap220721.tic contains an
    invalid password!

    2022-07-21 12:45:12 [13496] ERROR: bink/in_sec\FSXNET.tic contains an
    invalid password!

    2022-07-21 12:45:12 [13496] ERROR: bink/in_sec\lhlixkwc.tic contains an
    invalid password!

    --- Talisman v0.43-dev (Windows/x64)
    * Origin: TheOtherRealmBBS.com - It's been a wild ride (21:2/119)