• Pack Message base

    From vorlon@21:1/195.1 to apam on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 11:11:24
    Hi Apam,

    What's the best way to pack the talisman message base to remove old
    messages? I'm using the talisman tools.

    I do have a hpt config setup, but when I run squish to pack the message
    base it results in Talisman thinking that there are no read messages in
    one of the area's. I've got it set to 2000 messages in hpt.

    Is there something in Talisman to do this? I'm not seeing anything on the website.



    --- Talisman v0.45-dev (Linux/m68k)
    * Origin: Vorlon Empire: Amiga 3000 powered in Sector 550 (21:1/195.1)