• Update for FreeBSD

    From apam@21:1/182 to All on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 13:40:16
    I pushed an update for FreeBSD (and possibly other OSes using clang)

    I discovered that clang doesn't define __BYTE_ORDER=__LITTLE_ENDIAN which
    meant all my byte swapping wasn't working, it assumed big endian and so i
    was making invalid packets.

    It's fixed now, if you happened to want to run Talisman on FreeBSD.

    Also shut down my WWIV BBS, as wwivd was crashing too often requiring me
    to restart it. I set up smuggler's cove (that I had on haiku) and a
    freeBSD vm and it's open to the public now (previously smuggler's cove
    was private)

    Also, changed the way talisman does door32.sys, on linux now it sets the
    mode to 0 (Local IO) on linux and 2 (Telnet) on windows, which I should
    have done before.

    If you don't use door32.sys on linux it doesn't really matter.


    --- Talisman v0.48-dev (FreeBSD/amd64)
    * Origin: Smuggler's Cove - scove.talismanbbs.com:2323 (21:1/182)