• Script question

    From j0HNNY a1PHA@21:4/158 to Apam on Wednesday, December 06, 2023 06:14:00
    Hi Apam, luascript question for ya... Essentially I am creating a New
    Message Scan Menu that is lightbar controlled. I can grab the conferences
    from the TOML file, then use bbs_set_user_attribute() to set the user's
    current conference to whatever they selected.

    But then, I'd like to automatically trigger a New Message Read for that
    entire conference. Could there be a Lua function for that? I see there is
    a Menu Command (MSGREADNEW) so was hoping to do this in Lua...

    Was thinkging if there was a function (just my bad example):

    bbs_msgreadnew() with parameters:
    - pass the actual conf config file name - e.g. mb_fsx
    - or, just current conf from user attribute db
    - "all" that scans everything the user has set to scan
    - "personal" that just scans things addressed to that user

    Not super critical, but could be a cool function/mod...?


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