• Rocking at 40Mhz

    From vorlon@21:1/195.1 to apam on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 21:42:14
    Hi apam,

    Thought I'd do another wild test today... Grabbed the source for
    Galactic Dynasty and did a compile on the ol' 68040 M68K linux...

    To my supprise it compiled and actually works (So does tslots).

    There is one issues I've found and that's when purchasing planets. It
    says I have 0 credit's on all except for Ore when the correct credits is displayed.

    I'd have to setup a x86 system to see if that's the same, on it so this
    might be a M68K issue only.

    If You'd like to have a look I'll leave the system running for 24hrs and
    you can telnet in, to re-live the old days of slow dialup bbs's! She aint
    a speed deamon... #-;)

    dragon.vk3heg.net port 6840


    Rocking Amiga 3000 powerd, Linux M68K.

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