• ImportEchomail and set path

    From Ragnarok@21:2/151 to FSXNet.FSX_MYS on Sunday, June 06, 2021 08:22:14
    I importing the echomail with mutil task
    i want to set the path for autocreate area for specific node to specific directory:

    4:902/25_acs_list = s10g1
    4:902/25_acs_read = s10g1
    4:902/25_acs_post = s20g1
    4:902/25_acs_sysop = s255
    4:902/25_use_realname = 1
    4:902/25_path = /mystic/msgs/fido/

    I test with _path without success..all another acs settings are accepted
    and autoconfigured

    Is it possible to do this?
    --- SBBSecho 3.14-Linux
    * Origin: Dock Sud BBS - bbs.docksud.com.ar - Argentina (21:2/151)