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    From Pepper@21:1/187 to All on Sunday, March 06, 2022 09:13:01
    I know this has come up before... but I can't find the thread. So sorry for dragging it up again.
    Has anyone managed to get the systemd scripts from here https://vswitchzero.com/mystic-systemd/ working ?

    I'm sure it's a permissions issue. I'm running mystic in the root dir (/mystic owned by the regular user...Not Root).
    running the scripts as a regular user manually works fine.
    Running via systemd on boot the process starts but no ports open. My ports are all >1024.
    I'm guessing if I moved the directory back to the home dir... it would probably work, but it's currently not there.
    'User=' in the mis.servce was changed to the regular user as well.


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