• ibbs last caller

    From seeLive@21:2/128 to All on Friday, September 23, 2022 18:17:16
    Hey guys, I wanted to make you all aware of a couple of 'bad entries' I made while setting up the ibbs last caller mod from xqtr... I inadvertently used two incorrect addresses and my bbs name had pipes in it, which I have now removed... the net result of which is that there are now two bad entries in the \xq-ilc\bbs.json file which look like this...

    "|15o|08N|15y|08X |15b|08B|15s",
    "oNyX bBs",

    Anyone using the ilc mod will eventually see them and again I just wanted to make everyone aware... if you want to fix it just remove the above two entries... it's ok from my perspective if you don't, but if it bothers you that's how you can fix it... sorry about that... it was late


    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A48 2022/07/15 (Raspberry Pi/32)
    * Origin: oNyX bBs - onyxbbs.mywire.org:2300/2200 (21:2/128)