• Anyone Running Virtual Sysop on Mystic?

    From -=aries=-@21:1/101 to All on Friday, November 06, 2020 19:35:04
    Hey Everyone.

    I am trying to set up Virtual Sysop on my Mystic BBS. If you have it set up and working, can you share your Door Command info with me? I have tried everything & every which way. It just refuses to run.

    I have netfoss installed at c:\mystic\netfoss
    I have my door installed at c:\mystic\doors\VirtualSysop

    I have tried multiple command lines
    DD Exec External Program
    D3 Exec Door32 Program

    Command line.. I have tried alot of variations but here is the last one that didn't work.
    c:\mystic\netfoss\nf.bat /N%3 /H%0 c:\mystic\doors\VirtualSysop\vsysop32.exe

    So if anyone can take a look at your set up and let me know. I would appreciate it.

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/08/26 (Windows/32)
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