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    From Michiel van der Vlist@2:280/5555.1 to All on Saturday, November 11, 2017 18:29:23
    Hello All,

    Several people have posted questions to the candidates. Instead of answering each in a seperate message, I will post a "platform speech" that I hope answers
    all questions.

    What I have done during my last term:

    I was the principal author of FTS-5006 and was co-author of FTS-5005 version 6.
    I have also been the chairman of the FTSC and as such done the coordination.

    What I have done in my previous term:

    I was the principal author of FSP-1039 and co-author FTS-1030. I have contributed towards upgrading FTS-5000 and FTS-5001 to version 5.

    What I have done before that:

    Before that I was the principal author of FTS-5002, FSP-1036 and FSP-1038. I co-authored FTS-5003 and FTS-5004.

    What I plan to do if/when re-elected:

    The job of the FTSC is not finished and although we can not expect big changes in Fidonet itself any more, the documentation is still incomplete. Also documenting is done by humans and so subject to human error. There are ambiguities and inconsistencies that have to be addressed. Also there are a couple of old proposals that never made it into a standard but that deserve reconsideration. Some involve legal issues, some involve unclearities in the specs themselves. There is still work to do. I think I can continue to make a contribution and that is why I run for another term.

    If re-elected I plan to go on as I have been doing since I was elected in the FTSC in 2003.

    Cheers, Michiel

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