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    From Henri Derksen@2:280/1208 to Bill McGarrity on Wednesday, November 08, 2017 13:06:00
    Hello Bill,

    Shit happens...

    No, not Shit Happens.
    When you are testing new FTN software, mailers, scanners and tossers,
    you SHOULD look in your outbound directory BEFORE polling others.
    And if you see very large mailpacket files than you normally do,
    you should delete or move it elsewhere and correct your software settings!
    Then try again and only go on when the file sizes have its normal amounts.

    And second, FTSC_Public is not a testing Area, and RBerryPi the same also.
    This was the second day I got much spam from you ;-(.

    it's not like he's on a POTS line at $0.30/minute

    UniCorn BBS in Arnhem.nl is still POTS only,
    and yes _your_ shit costs _me_ money for several long distance calls.
    Yesterday I had to Poll four times to catch that big mail packet file.
    So please stop that, and correct your software and configuration a.s.a.p.!
    I am a multiple handicapped person, and do not have the energy to correct
    your shit every day out of my Hudson msg base.
    And last but not least, my points were poisoned too ;-(.
    Good luck and thank you.


    * Origin: Connectivity is the Future; UniCorn BBS 31 26 4425506 (2:280/1208)