• Re: testing again

    From Bill McGarrity@1:266/404 to Joe Delahaye on Tuesday, November 07, 2017 07:33:33
    Joe Delahaye wrote to mark lewis <=-

    Re: testing again
    By: mark lewis to Rob Swindell on Mon Jan 04 2016 10:51:38

    The messages have been sent to my uplink (1:218/700). I would expect
    everyone that carries this echo to see my redundant and ceaseless
    test messages too. :-)

    sadly, DM, there's been a problem with some messages not propogating on the fidonet side of the gateway link for a very long time... if you replied to my post about more message packing logging in the sync_sysops area (i think it was
    in there) then i never saw your reply in that area over here on any of these systems...

    I saw two of the three. I also sent DM a help request via the fidonet gateway, which apparently did not arrive, as I have heard nothing, and
    he usually replies sooner or later. This is later as it was last week sometime., :(

    Joe, is your uplink strictly Bj÷rn or are you connected to Janis as well? The reason I ask is here is the path on how this reachd me.

    X-FTN-MSGID 3410.fidotest@1:249/303 1af0004e
    X-FTN-REPLY 1:3634/12.73 568a96d1
    X-FTN-PID Synchronet 3.17a-Win32 Jan 3 2016 MSC 1800
    X-FTN-TID SBBSecho 2.32-Win32 r1.278 Jan 3 2016 MSC 1800
    X-FTN-SEEN-BY 12/0 154/10 203/0 221/1 230/0 249/0 179 206 207 300 303 307
    X-FTN-SEEN-BY 266/404 280/464 5555 320/119 423/81 640/384
    X-FTN-PATH 249/303 203/0

    I get fed from both Janis and Bj÷rn and I did get a dupe from Janis but I'm not sure how she got it from you...

    2016-01-04 13:52:23 FN_SYSOP Duplicate message
    2016-01-04 13:52:23 ERROR smb_addmsg returned 1: duplicate X-FTN-MSGID: 3410.fidotest@1:249/303 1af0004e found in message #2452



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