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    From Bill McGarrity@1:266/404 to Alan Ianson on Tuesday, November 07, 2017 07:33:33
    Alan Ianson wrote to mark lewis <=-

    On 06/20/16, mark lewis said the following...

    which TZUTC setting should the user's posts be given when they upload their REP packet?

    I'm not certain.. :) I'm more concerned about the MSGID although it may not be needed. I got two of my original posts back here with different path and seen-by lines. They had identical date and time stamps.

    Mystic always uses MSGID and the reply kludge for msgs posted online
    and I was thinking it should do that for msgs uploaded via QWK as well. That may not be the case.. I'm not sure.

    Uploading QWK to a message area posts the message as you would normally post online. It's the tossers responsibility to add the kludge lines. As Mark stated, someone who sends a REP packet say from Australia to the west coast of the US, the TZUTC would use the local bbs' time as, from what I have gathered, no offline reader will add those options but the tosser will.

    Here are your kludge lines from this message. I'm not sure if you used QWK or local...

    X-FTN-TID Mystic BBS 1.12 A21
    X-FTN-MSGID 1:153/757 48d481f8
    X-FTN-REPLY 1:3634/12.73 5767df18



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