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    Fidonet Technology Survey
    by Dale Barnes, 1:220/60

    Public Survey created by Dale Barnes and the purpose of the survey is to determine what FTN software is used by everyone. Looking for your feedback on any new or other ideas you may wish for. Authors of other FTN systems were provided early review of the survey for their feedback and some provided further questions to this survey.

    This information may be helpful for those that are still doing development work
    to support the FTN systems.

    The survey is hosted via Google Forms:


    The survey results will be provided on the www.intermail.net site once the results are in. We will leave the Survey active for the month of April to collect all the data for this round.

    The list of systems in this survey does not include as a selection for every system that has been developed, so if you see your system not listed, please provide via the "Other" option. In future surveys, will try to include all the
    active systems that exist.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer the survey.

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