• Out of pocket - unexpectedly...

    From Ozz Nixon@1:1/123 to ALL on Sunday, December 01, 2019 22:47:37

    I have not been active on this and a couple other echos due to a
    need for me to be out of state. While away, my systems are running in
    POLL mode. I was expecting to be back before now, however, I am not.
    Some concert was raised by my lack of NET275 node entries. These were
    removed after I had established my system was back up and running in
    Florida. I am back in Richmond right now, have been for a while. I was
    planning to be back in Florida by Halloween, then by Thanksgiving. I
    will prbably be heading down this week if everything go well tomorrow.

    Per the topic of (72 character subjects) was based upon "Subject:"
    being 8 characters + 71 (and null) would fill a standard 80x25 screen.
    I remember those conversations when I first wrote my first Tosser and
    "crippled FTS1 mailer". I think that statement was actually from T.J.

    Anyway - if it is of high importance (election stuff ot other) please
    email me to my cell: ozzznixon@gmail.com ... I will respond when and
    where I have signal (AT&T is crazy bad where I am right now).

    Best Regards.
    --- Professional BBS v16 FTN Tosser/JAM v1.19.10 (Alpha-3)
    * Origin: ProBBS WHQ (This is the Palladium Build) (1:1/123)