• online fido application

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to Janis Kracht on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 22:18:39
    Hello Janis,

    You didn't upset me August :) I just figured you would know who created that form.

    *After* I posted the original message, the "filegate" part looked familiar. Then, I realized the form was indeed a subpage of your site. The page/form was

    a good idea.

    Well, you are the first to say that it is confusing. I think most people just fill it in and don't wonder so much ? When their RCs get a copy, they aren't confused either. :)

    A legit submission by a consciencious applicant would mostly likely be "complete" and all the fields would mostly likely have *something* so that the confusing "N/A" wouldn't even be a thought. But I was the rogue, the tyrant, the nefarious nuiscance demonstrating that I can send crap and fake information

    - and waste your time. ;)

    If was scoping out the status of Fidonet around 2010 and stumbled on your form,

    I would have probably sent you a few suggestions then. <g>

    My concern was that I was allowed to fill in
    weird info and you have to waste time.

    Doesn't happen.

    Huh? Ok. Whatever. I think there is something lost in this exchange.

    ..You have all the tools available for that.

    So do you :)

    Yes. I get that. I can send in proper and honest info according to the instructions. But the form allows garbage too.

    Just send them instructions for all that in a standard pre-written email.

    As I just said above your text, that is what happens.. Did you read that paragraph? :)

    Of course I did. I thought that you meant constomized email for each applicant

    each and every time. If it's just a pre-written form-letter reply, very good!

    Much ado about nothing ? :)

    Be careful when quoting Shakespear: https://www.zmescience.com/science/why-shakespeares-much-ado-about-nothing-is-a-brilliant-sneaky-innuendo/

    Anyway, I thought you would be excited about improving "the form". Nevermind.

    Stay in the past. lol


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