• info on how to use it from the telegram side please :)

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to Benny Pedersen on Thursday, October 01, 2020 09:08:00
    Hello Benny!

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    more info on how to use it from the telegram side please :)

    I forgot to mention, that currently there are only a handful
    of echos available to join on the Telegram side:


    The groups are configured Private to avoid spam. But it is
    easy to access any of the other groups by request.

    One way to find out who to contact would be to look for the
    TGUID kludge in a fido message that originates from the
    "tg2fido.pl" origin. Send a netmail message to any user
    posting from the Telegram side using the number identified by
    the kludge.

    For example, my assigned TGUID is 1223717052. .: Send a
    netmail to: "1223717052, 2:460/58" and include your @ Telegram
    ID so that you can be looked up. Any member of a Telegram
    group can add subsequent members.


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    On 01/10/2020 5:51 p.m., Stas Mishchenkov : August Abolins wrote:

    Stas of 2:460/5858

    August, I want to remind you that Stas lives at 2: 460/58.

    [fido@localhost ~]$ grep, 5858, ~/nodelist/nodelist.367

    Pvt, 5858, For_Technical_Perposes, Simferopol_Crimea,
    Brother_Rabbit, - Unpublished-, 300, MO

    Noted. But the reply to this message (and the many others) comes
    from a Stas Mishchenkov @ 460/5858 based on the address in the
    Origin ..and that was my reference. Basically, that is what a
    regular user would use to construct a netmail. The nodelist for a
    "user" is a specialty and would not be obvious.

    The idea is to make echomail accessible on a smartphone.
    Think of it as an alternative to the HotdogEd or
    Aftershock methods.

    Rather not as an alternative, but as an addition.

    Noted. I was not diminishing Aftershock or HotdogEd. They are fine developments. I could have worded the original remark differently.
    But the idea is to suggest that TgM+gate is another option to
    Aftershock or HotdogEd for accessing Fidonet on a smartphone/tablet
    with added benefits.

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    See? Stas @ 460/5858 <g>


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