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    From Brother Rabbit@2:460/58 to Charles Pierson on Friday, November 13, 2020 18:27:11
    --Subj: NEWS::: Overheard in the UTF-8 echo, a new FTN project is in the works--
    Hello, Stas Mishchenkov.
    On 11/13/20 2:38 PM you wrote:

    Hi, Benny! 11 ????????? 20 09:43, Benny Pedersen -> Stas Mishchenkov:
    Golden Point 1.x
    Unfortunately not worth your attention. The author is an idiot SM>>>>> in the medical sense of the word. :(
    Oh, that's a shame :(
    This is a disaster. :(
    worse then Donald Trump ?
    I'm not sure if this can be compared seriously at all. We don't equate sweet and green, do we?

    I had a Boss that said something similar. "That's comparing apples to Buicks."

    Best regards!
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