• Shouldn't it be possible to switch between the two? The model i'm

    From Stas Mishchenkov@2:460/5858 to Henrik on Monday, February 22, 2021 09:51:40
    Hi, Henrik!

    21 ΣÑó 21 22:53, Henrik -> Brother Rabbit:

    Shouldn't it be possible to switch between the two?

    Between what and what to switch?

    The model i'm anticipating is that echo moderators can trust you to either forward the tgid (which I think is basically like making
    listing your phone number mandatory in pointlists) or make us use Realnames, but we might in turn expect to only have to trust *you*, to only ever forward one or the other.

    The User-ID is used only for the ability to reply to a message. There is no other way in Telegram. Moreover, it cannot be useful on Fido's side for anything else.
    There are no required fields in the user profile either. I'm just thinking about the possibility of making Realname mandatory, because most Fido echo conferences have a strict requirement for it's presents in the message.
    No one forbids specifying Realname in the user profile that is not the same as in your documents in real life. ;)
    Now, in order for the robot to consider the user registered, it is enough to fill in any one field in the user profile.

    For example:

    %Greeting Hi!

    Have nice nights.
    Stas Mishchenkov.

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