• z:nnn/fff.p not arriving

    From Martin Foster@2:310/31.3 to August Abolins on Sunday, January 02, 2022 09:10:00
    Hello August!

    *** Saturday 01.01.22 at 15:02, August Abolins wrote to All:

    I think I've noticed some consistency wrt to some messages not arriving here (VelenoBBS). It appears that messages with point origins are the ones that never show up. Mark's messages bear a point address.

    It's a *very* long time since I logged into my VeleNo Point on the Web account but after logging in this morning and doing a "Get Mail"(or
    whatever it's called), there's an absolute mountain of mail missing and
    it's not just from Points.

    Could anyone else capable of posting with a point address do so here, and CC to the CHAT, COFFEE_KLATSCH and FUTURE4FIDO echos, please?
    ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    I'm not linked into either of those areas with any of my Point accounts so I've just CC'd this message into FUTURE4FIDO.

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    * Origin: Bitz-Box - Bradford - UK (2:310/31.3)