• AfterShock 1.7.2 open testing

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to All on Sunday, February 12, 2023 09:07:00

    ** Original area : "/FIDO/AFTERSHOCK"
    ** Original message from : Tolik Vdovichev@2:292/854.180
    ** Original message to : All
    ** Original date/time : 12 Feb 23, 12:28 >==================================================================<


    I've sent version 1.7.2 to open testing. Hope it will pass through.
    I reworked navigation between mail messages to use ViewPager.
    This provides more natural feedback when sweeping between messages.
    As side effect - simplification of underlying coede.

    I separated reworking navigation between echo areas messages to
    another task due to large amount of work. While I'm working on
    echo mail navigation you will have a chance to test netmail :-)

    Affected parts of application: everything that is related to NETMAIL
    and other mail areas.

    Updated TODO list:

    #B8 - Fix implicit intent warning reported by Play Console [IN PROGRESS]
    #B9 - Crash due to memory leak when tossing a large amount of bundles [NEW]

    #F2 - Uuencodes suport [NEW]
    #F3 - UTF-8 support [NEW]
    #F4 - Dark mode support [NEW]
    #F5 - Editing unsent messages [NEW]
    #F6 - Search messages [NEW]
    #F7 - FSC-0035 REPLYTO support [NEW]
    #F8 - Polling schedule [NEW]

    #I1 - Faster messages displaying (especially big ones) [NEW]
    #I2 - Switch to ViewPager for navigation between mail messages [1.7.2]
    #I3 - Improve quoting removal [NEW]
    #I4 - Quote kludges in a single paragraph [DONE] [1.6.11]
    #I5 - First letter capitalization in sentences [DONE] [1.6.11]
    #I6 - Mass delete from DUPES and BADMAIL [NEW]
    #I7 - Private reply [NEW]
    #I8 - Switch to ViewPager for navigation between echo messages [IN PROGRESS] #I9 - Separate indication for new and unread messages [NEW]
    #I10 - Sort areas by read status [NEW]
    #I11 - Optimize overhead of data reading from areas when reading messages [NEW]

    NEW - item is in queue
    IN PROGRESS - item is in progress
    DONE - item is completed in specified version

    With best regards,

    -+- AfterShock/Android 1.7.1
    + Origin: Little Station BBS (2:292/854.180)

    --- OpenXP 5.0.57
    * Origin: FUTURE4FIDO = https://t.me/joinchat/SV_BQ0XcbSRoP4bt (2:221/1.58)