• a "study" of fidonet from 1992

    From August Abolins@2:221/360 to All on Wednesday, April 03, 2019 05:08:33
    The following "study" of Fidonet networking was presented at the 42nd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association.
    Miami FL, May 1992, just 4 years before Fidonet's "peak" in 1996.

    TITLE: The new world of democratic telecommunications: FidoNet as an example of

    the new horizontal information networks


    The section "The Future of Fidonet" is topically interesting.

    An excerpt: "FidoNet, it would seem, is evolving; it is entering a
    transition phase from the old group of hackers, interested in the
    equipment and the software, to a new group of users whose interest is in
    the communications, in the information which is passed rather than the
    system through which that information travels."

    "..while the current FidoNet system might not continue its meteoric rise, the concept of FidoNet is one that will continue to thrive. "

    Any thoughts? New vision? Ideas?


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