• Telegram msg list /follow thread - how?

    From August Abolins@2:221/360 to Martin Foster on Monday, September 07, 2020 18:58:50
    On 07/09/2020 6:40 a.m., Martin Foster : August Abolins wrote:

    If a TgM user uses the proper R)eply option, then the
    original Subject line is maintained for the thread.

    Excellent opportunity for me to ask where is the message
    list in TgM and how do we follow a thread in TgM?

    TgM + the gate is just a way to access echomail. I can't imagine a user being completely satisfied to *just* use TgM for participating in the echos. Unless I had an external bluetooth keyboard, I can't see myself writing anything, like I am doing now, with a smartphone virtual keyboard.

    TgM lacks the ability to sort messages. But it seems to have an awesome S)earch
    feature. You can also "pin" messages that you may want to reply to later.

    Ultimately TgM is a chat program. It doesn't care about a Subject. Incoming messages from the Fido2telebot are just one long scroll (and not linked).

    But messages exchanged on the TgM side between participants *are* linked" if participants used the Reply option. Just tap on the author's name and TgM will move up to the previous Reply. You can walk up the chain of conversation that way.

    Kad esat sagriezis maizi, to vairs nevarat salikt.

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  • From Stas Mishchenkov@2:460/5858 to August Abolins on Monday, September 07, 2020 22:03:24
    Hi, August!

    07 ᥭ 20 18:58, August Abolins -> Martin Foster:

    Incoming messages from the Fido2telebot are just one long scroll (and
    not linked).

    Some links will be in a future. Using another method of sending messages, I can know which @TGUID corresponds to which @MSGID.

    Have nice nights.
    Stas Mishchenkov.

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