• TgM: make the key behave as expected

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to Martin Foster on Monday, September 07, 2020 18:26:00
    Hello Martin!

    ** On Monday 07.09.20 - 12:12, Martin Foster wrote to August Abolins:

    By default, the <Enter> key defaults to "Send Message" in
    the TgM Desktop app but that's not really a good idea, as
    you've discovered.

    That is the way Facebook Messenger works too, and I hate that.
    But unlike TgM, Facebook's version offers no way to change that
    behaviour - or I haven't found out how.

    Go into "Settings" in your TgM Desktop app, click "Chat
    Settings" and scroll right down to the bottom of the page
    and click the "Send with Ctrl+Enter" radio button. That
    should make the <Enter> key behave as expected(inserts a

    DONE. Thanks. I like that operation better.


    --- OpenXP 5.0.46
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