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    Hi, Nil!

    13 ᥭ 20 23:00, Nil Alexandrov -> Stas Mishchenkov:

    As we saw the chart before, the most popular messenger is the
    Why not make a gateway for FB then? ;)

    By the fact that it makes me sick (and maybe even snatch) from social networks. ;)
    However, if there is someone with a tighter stomach, why not? This raises a completely different question. Do we need an public from there?

    I figured I'd reply here instead of a general chat echo.

    If you mean public from Facebook, probably not. As I replied to Nils on the matter, I do see a potential for introducing people to Fidonet through a group chat type interface which they are likely more familiar with. Not familiar with Telegram, necessarily, but group chat applications in general.
    In fact I believe that sort of goes along with some of the questions and ideas I posted earlier that were among the hung up messeges.

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