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    From Martin Ridgley@1:153/7715 to Rich Lockyer on Friday, September 22, 2000 11:05:12
    Hey Rich,

    Rich Lockyer wrote to Paul Lawson <=-
    Ever notice how modern country sounds like early (really, ANY)
    Eagles? They do have a country "feel" to them, but in their
    early years, they certainly weren't "country".. no cat-torture
    slide guitars, no "I lost my wife and my truck and my beer"...

    Yeah. Contemporary country music is definitely closer to country-
    rock, than 'real' country. In most cases though, I find the
    contemporary stuff to be too formulaic and boring - both lyrically
    and musically.

    There *are* a few country-rock bands around though, who are doing
    things with a bit more sense of adventure. Wilco is probably one of
    the better known. Off the top of my head, I also like The Jayhawks,
    Blue Rodeo, Lucinda Williams, Kennedy-Rose, Son Volt, and the
    recently disbanded Blue Shadows, to name a few more.

    If anyone else here has heard any good country-rock recently that
    falls somewhere outside of the current Nashville mold, I'm interested
    in hearing about it. Always looking for good, new music. ;-)


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