• Hello Gary

    From Steve Kaplan@1:342/3 to All on Wednesday, January 31, 2001 11:46:36
    Gary G. and all, Don't know if you'll receive this,nor do I know if I'll even get an uninterrupted oppt. to compose, and send it. Tough times here trying to get to Fido via IP...(or whatever the correct "jive" is)... Gary, got a drumset
    several months back, looked at the Yamaha Hipgig jr., Ayotte rediculously expensive travel kit, Remo Legaro. Decided on the Pearl Rhythm traveler. Got it
    at a decent price, the Pearl Hardware isn't bad (70 model) not the 8000, but still better grade than much of the comparable kits supplied hardware. Ended up
    ordering some cymbals.....A. Zildjian

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