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    From Steve Kaplan@1:342/3 to All on Wednesday, January 31, 2001 12:03:00
    (Uncle Steves mid-life crises drumset) Zildjian 20 Ping Ride riveted...(don't ask....got a good deal) for rock the Ping is boring, yet decent for jazz/blues.
    18" K Zildjian crash/ride..purchased a Gibralter boom stand for the 18..since this only comes with the hihatt,one cymbal, mounting hdwr, and bass pedal. just
    got a medium duty double braced stand.....Now the 14" hihatts were used......yet never used by this guy....so for 20 bucks I got a set of Zilco hatts.......not too good, but neither am I :) anyway....like the mesh heads that come along with the regular heads.....but I still enjoy alienating the adjacent condo-complex residents. Nice thing is, it slides under the piano nicely...when I need to see the TV. 20x8 halfshell bass-drum, as well as three half-shell Toms. Comes with a 13" pic. type snare, but got a Slingerland higher
    quality 14" from music yo...pretty good prices on certain items...but I'm glad I didn't get suckered into one of their "jam session" toy kits...Slingerland doesn't make Radio King quality anymore...lot's of entry level stuff tho, same with Ludwig..Anyway, the Pearl set is a decent ply///albeit only 6 lugs...anyway just figured I'd tell ya' that I finally graduated to level of "A
    Btw...got some guitar stuff too...but that's another day :) Still attempting to
    do small tech jobs with the guitars...ie...blocking the tremsetter vibrato area
    by sawing down door molding...etc :)

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    (Uncle Steves mid-life crises drumset) Zildjian 20 Ping Ride riveted...(don't ask....got a good deal)

    My goodness, that takes me back. Thirty-five years ago when I was messing about
    in a band drummers used to drill the rivets out because the sound was thought to be 'old hat'. And they still make them?


    David Cumming

    Ok - I don't play them anymore, but they look pretty hanging on the wall!
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