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    From Lutz Sauer@2:2426/3260.24 to Alle on Sunday, July 15, 2001 11:59:00
    Hallo BRETT,

    Du meintest

    Wow. A whole month between rules postings and not
    a single post. Surely a whole month hasn't passed
    where no one has thought abiout their axe!

    So for me, GAS stroke again two days ago. Nothing sensationally, a Fender Mexico deluxe Strat. The local music shop is closing :-(((((

    After 25 years of guitar playin, its my first really electric. So the question is about the amp: there are a H&K edition tube and a Fender Hot
    Rod Deluxe left in the store.

    Alternates could be H&K Metroverb, Club Reverb Triplex or Tour Reverb.

    I want your opinions for playing like John Lee Hooker and maybe in a Zydeco/Blues-band geginning the next weeks ...

    I spent the past month moving into a new house.
    Best of all, I have a large finished basement, and
    extra space to set up guitar and recording gear.
    Now all I need is time...

    Congrats .....
    Time is the problem for me.


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