• INTERNET Echo Rules

    From Moderator@1:3634/12 to All on Wednesday, May 01, 2013 00:00:14

    Conference rules for the INTERNET echo: rev. 08 Jan 07
    Posting Frequency: 1st and 15th of the month.

    1. This echo is devoted to discussion about the internet. The goal
    of this echo is quality, not quantity.

    2. Moderating handled by the echo Moderator, who is Mark Lewis

    3. Handles/aliases ARE NOT permitted.

    4. English is considered the primary language of this echo.

    5. DO NOT post any offensive language or statements - NO PROFANITY.

    6. Keep all your messages on topic. If someone else posts an offtopic
    message, send netmail to the individual, to the moderator, or
    simply ignore it. Responses in the echo to offtopic messages are
    never justified.

    What is typically off-topic:
    * Anything not-related to the internet :).
    * Test messages, BBS ads, and new system connection messages.

    7. Keep your posting concise. Quote as required to establish context,
    but keep it within reason. Origin, seenby and similar overhead
    lines should never be quoted. The reason is it adds money for
    (bigger mail packets) those getting this echo on a Long Distance

    8. It's fine to express disagreement with an on-topic statement, but
    insults, attacks, name-calling and the like are not tolerated.
    Basically NO FLAMES or personal attacks.

    9. Failure to comply on a regular basis with these rules will result
    in the system being disconnected from the echo feed.

    Mark Lewis, 1:3634/12

    Conference Moderator

    * Origin: (1:3634/12)