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    From JIMMY ANDERSON@1:123/130 to ALL on Sunday, June 02, 2013 13:32:00
    So what string does everyone swear by?

    I used to use Adamas 1212's - bought 'em by the case
    back in the day (90's). Switched to Martin Marquis
    when Adamas couldn't be found.

    A couple of years ago a cleak told me about Rotosound
    and sold me a set cheap enough I couldn't turn down
    trying them. They have been my go to ever since! I
    use the Jumbo King Phosphor Bronze 12's. LOVE THEM!

    About a week ago Musician's Frined had their stupid
    deal of the day that had two sets of Martin (can't
    remember the name - clear tone?) and a "hat" (what
    my son calls a beanie) for $9.99 and free shipping.
    Planning to put a set of those on my Takamine to see
    how they are...

    Oh - and in case you couldn't tell, I'm talking
    acoustic here. :-)

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