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    I play bass like I play 'rythem guitar' - that is, with runs and such (big bluegrass background). I CAN keep a straight beat, and if the song calls for it, sure, but I like to 'walk' a two step or western swing.
    :-) Fun stuff!

    I have a friend from my teen years who played bass in a rock band. As an adult, he progressed to bluegrass guitar. Now in his 60s, he has a band who was nominated for an album during the pandemic. His name is Roger Cline and his album is "So Inclined" and can be found on Amazon. I'm quite impressed by the individuality of the songs and the production. It's gives me hope that we can still pursue our dreams as older adults. --- SBBSecho 3.11-Win32
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    Listening now! About to change buildings, so will be later before I can finish, but thx for turning me on to that!

    I am humbled by his endevor!

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