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    From Jenn Cowfish@1:167/565 to Psyduk Freek on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 18:39:00
    Jenn Cowfish wrote in a message to All:

    there any suggestions as to which brand/make - even model- of
    electric guitar that I should get? Preferably under 500-600$,
    something that'll last me awhile.

    I will take a wild guess and say that's Canadian dollars which makes
    it about $300-400 U.S. At that rate I would go for a new Mexican
    Fender Strat or a good used Japanese made Strat. I would guess you probably have small hands in comparison to most guys so look for one
    with a very thin neck. If you have a friend that has played a long
    time, get them to help you look for one. This would be a good time to find someone who has played for a very long time, say a father of one
    of your friends to help out. Unfortunetly most kids you probably know
    who play really don't know what to look for when shopping for a guitar either.

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