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    It's a crying shame that he quit when he did. There's so little
    available on record from Peter Green at his peak.

    There's more now than there used to be. Blue Horizon has released
    a box set containing everything he ever recorded for them.
    Unreleased stuff and lots of out takes.

    Wow! I'm going to have to look out for that one!

    I like all three of the Mayall albums with Clapton, Green, and Taylor.
    I think Clapton did some great work on Beano, but I like Green better
    on Hard Road. He just had the Mojo.


    I think it was a toss between Taylor and Clapton. Saw Taylor a
    few years ago, a shame what he has become. His playing has
    certainly went down hill from what it was.

    Really? That's a shame. I have one self-titled solo album of his
    from 1979. I quite like it, but I haven't heard anything by him
    since then.


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