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    He had that east coast Jew style of comedy. I'm not
    being antisemitic...

    It would sound better if you said "Jewish", which yes, his comedy did lean toward Jewish jokes, which he was.

    What were some of the other titles on the record?

    I don't know about that record in particular, but here's some of his more popular titles:

    12 Days of Xmas
    Al 'N Yetta
    Hail To Thee Fat Person
    Hello Mudda, Hello Faddah
    One Hippopotami
    Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max
    Shticks Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other
    The Rebel
    The Streets Of Miami
    You Went The Wrong Way Old King Louie
    You're Getting To Be A Rabbit With Me
    Lotsa Luck
    Chim Chim Cheree
    Pop Hates The Beatles
    Harvey And Sheila

    I had his "My Son The Folk Singer" album when I was a little kid. Now, if you don't understand some of the Jewish references in the songs, the jokes will be lost on you. He used to take a lot of famous songs (pop, jazz and classical) and put new lyrics to them. For instance, "Harvey & Sheila" is done to "Havanegila" (I know, I spelled it wrong... I'm goy!), "You're Getting To Be A Rabbit With Me" is "You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me", and so on.

    I've collected some of his stuff again (MP3's), and some is still funny, or at least humorous, some hasn't held up well against time. Some of the stuff, well, you have to have been growing up in the 60's to understand the frame of mind that they're set against.

    You can go to either www.allmusic.com and search on "Allan Sherman" for album info.

    I believe only two of his albums are still in print, "My Son The Nut", and "The
    Best Of".


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