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    From Andy Ball@1:124/5009 to Greg Goodwin on Monday, May 29, 2000 15:55:54
    Hey Greg!

    GG> I heard a while back that Atari users can be found at
    > ham radio fests. was curious what people found useful
    > for the Atari line of computers in reguards to ham
    > radios.

    I can't say for sure, but I recently read somewhere of
    a software TNC for the ST. Come to think of it, the Falcon with it's DSP would
    probably be almost ideal for radio work
    - assuming you could find (or write ;o) appropriate
    software for it.

    I suppose other advantages would be that they're fairly
    inexpensive (I would expect to pick up a 520STFM for about UKP25 at a car boot sale), and virtually silent in operation (especially if you use a RAMdrive). Then of course there's that wonderful high-res mono monitor! <grin>

    I'm not sure how effective the screening is on an ST,
    but I think it was foiled top and bottom. I never did quite succeed in mounting one in a 19" rack-mount case, although the temptation was certainly there. I seem to remember that CLab's Falcon was rack-mountable though, so the
    mainboard is probably smaller than that of the ST. Do you know if CLab are still around?

    - Andy.

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