From David Pratt@2:250/355 to Tom Walker on Monday, September 11, 2000 16:06:09
    Quoting Tom Walker to Joe Delahaye <=-

    Well since they have DUMBED down the Writen test so a Trained Monkey
    can pass it I am NOT afraid the say "YES, CW Should be retained as a Filter" We already, with the Dumbed Down test, have filled the ranks
    with what I call the CB mentality.
    It might be different in other parts of the World but here in Southern California USA the VUH/UHF bands are a Zoo of Clowns.

    No, it's just the same in the UK, Tom. Most of those obtaining an Amateur Licence during the last ten years or so, could even change the dial
    bulb in their rigs. These days, people even buy their own antennas
    SWR bridge and ATU. In the old days we were expected to build them
    from basics.


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