• Morse

    From Steve Bainbridge@2:250/220 to Richard Brumbaugh on Sunday, September 17, 2000 13:32:00
    Hi Richard

    Don't get me wrong I myself am learning CW, but to be honest, it is
    finding time to sit down an a regular basis to do it.

    I thought I'd "never" learn the code, but I did, hi.
    I'd be willing to bet that since I got my ticket in 1946
    Right, I wasn't born then, 1948, giving my age away
    I haven't had
    100 phone QSOs. When building rigs, though, I always had
    to have the
    "ability" to work phone (AM). I've only had 2 SSB QSOs
    on my Scout,
    and that was just to "test" it, hi.
    Of course.. I did have a B licence in the mid 60,s but with working as a Radio Comms engineer for some 20 years, the novelty wore off. I had all the "Real Gear", 19set, R1155 AR88d. I am looking for a 19 set at the moment.
    I use a programme called MRX which is a good morse tutor prog. It is lessons, and if you don't pass say lesson one, you can't go to 2. If anyone wants a copy
    have a look on my web site at www.trans.ic24.net/19.htm



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