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    From Anton J. Laukhin@1:2604/104.7 to Jerry Ginther on Saturday, March 11, 2000 16:52:14
    Hello, dear Jerry!

    Jerry Ginther <1:395/401.1@fidonet.org> wrote:
    Anton J. Laukhin wrote in a message to All:
    Does anyone see me again here??? Hello from cold Russia.
    Yes, I see you in Texas, USA.
    How long before it starts to warm up in Russia?

    It gonna be warm in beginnig of May I could say.

    We are beginning to have our first signs of spring here.
    I'll put yours in and make a request to be added to your contacts

    I see that. Thanks.

    list. I'm also a ham. The call is AC5CR. At present my HF rig is not
    in working order. Hope to hear from you again.

    Actually, thanks for responding in echo. I do appreciate to read it here in Russia.

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    De Anton, RV3DHC AKA: 1:2604/104.7

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