• SA Radio League News Bulletin for Sunday 11 June 2000

    From Richard Peer@5:7106/22 to SA Radio League on Saturday, June 10, 2000 15:20:00

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    You are listening to ZS6SRL, the news follows in detail.


    The film "Frequency" will be premiered in South Africa by the New Metro
    Cinema group on July 21. The film prominently features amateur radio in a gripping story.

    One day before the anniversary of his father's death, in the midst of the spectacular sky storm known as the aurora borealis, John Sullivan discovers
    in the house he inherited his father's old ham radio and begins to play
    with it. Through the electrical static, he finds himself talking to a man
    who claims to be a fire-fighter and who appears to be awaiting the World
    Series of 1969. Is John really talking to his own living father on the
    very same day, in the very same house, but exactly three decades ago?

    The SARL and New Metro have agreed to set up Amateur Radio Stations at some
    of the main launch cinemas. Here is an opportunity for clubs to promote Amateur Radio. The following cinemas have been identified: Johannesburg:
    Hyde Park, Bedford Centre and Benoni Lake, in Cape Town at the Victory and Alfred Water Front, in Port Elizabeth at Walmer Park, in Durban at the Pavilion. in Bloemfontein at Loch Logan and in Pretoria at Menlyn Park.

    Clubs who would like to take up this opportunity to promote Amateur Radio
    are requested to send the name and contact details of their contact person
    to Hans van de Groenendaal by Email to hans@intekom.co.za or by fax to 031 756-6456. He can also be contacted during office hours on 012 311-7114.
    The information is required by next Friday.


    A full time 8 day course to qualify teachers for the Radio Amateur
    Examination will be held at the National Amateur Radio Centre during the
    first week of July. A number of lecturers are required to teach the
    course. If you would like to assist in the promotion of Amateur Radio in
    South African Schools, please send your details to arisas@intekom.co.za.
    Please indicate which part of the syllabus you would like to teach and how
    much time you have available. The course will be run from June 30 - July 7 from 08:30 - 17:00 daily. A number of operators are also required to take
    the student through on-the-air operation training.


    While support from Radio Clubs to volunteer a person to join the SARL
    Strategic PR committee is slow, the committee has taken its first
    initiative. Last week two members of the SATRA Frequency Planning division spent an afternoon at the National Amateur Radio Centre to receive a
    briefing on the need for the protection of the Amateur frequency spectrum.

    The Annual General meeting adopted a motion to set up the SPRC and to
    appeal to members and clubs to support this initiative financially and with manpower representing each of the 9 provinces.

    Clubs are urged to take quick action and to select a suitable person to
    serve on this committee. For details send an Email to sprc@intekom.co.za.


    The SARL heartily welcomes the following amateurs and intending amateurs
    who joined its ranks at or after this year's AGM:

    Willem de Kok ZR1WDK
    Shaun Corder ZR2SC
    Heidi de Lange ZR4AH
    Jaap Seymore ZR6JJS
    Adanus Seymore ZR6SDS
    Theunis Mulder ZR6TJM
    Malcolm de Beer ZS1MAL
    Dr Thomas Wilm ZS2BBG
    Eugene Giraud ZS5DG
    Rod Radford ZS5RK
    Michael Vella ZS6AMT
    John Smith ZS6AN
    George Dehlen ZS6BUE
    Magda van Wyk ZS6MVW
    Pieter van Wyk ZS6PVW
    Vic Raath ZS6ZGL
    Jeremy Miller ZSL010
    Ramond Falcke ZSL032
    Isobel Toman ZSL033
    Ian Otridge ZSLO34
    Michael Mkrakra ZSL035
    Eric McQuillan ZSl036

    Many thanks that all of you had thrown your weight in behind the SARL, the
    only organisation in the RSA which locally and internatinally looks after
    the common interests of all radio amateurs in the RSA. Council trust that
    you will find your membership satisfactory and pleasant.


    The International Amateur Radio Union Region III conference will be held in Darwin, Australia, August 28 to September 1, 2000.

    More than 100 delegates from radio societies in the Asian and Pacific
    regions are to attend the conference hosted by the Wireless Institute of Australia, and will discuss a wide ranges of regional and global issues affecting amateur radio.

    At the conference's hotel venue a special event station AX8IARU will be on
    air activated by members of the Darwin Amateur Radio Club, and conference delegates. A special QSL card is to be available.

    Listen for AX8IARU on the DX bands using both telegraphy and phone.

    (News item received from the IARU RIII Conference Media Officer, Jim Linton VK3PC)


    A last reminder about the visit by the SARL president, Hans Potgieter,
    ZS6ALJ and vice-president Syd Tyler, ZS6AYC the coming weekend to the
    Western Cape amateurs. All amateurs in and around the Western Cape are requested to diarise this date. They are urged to exert all efforts to
    attend these important meetings.

    The first meeting is on Frday June 16 at 11:00 in the Stellenbosch
    Voortrekker Hall. Remember 16 June is also celebrated as Youth day and is
    an ideal opportunity to bring children along.

    After the meeting a fleamarket will be held and the braai fires will be

    For more detail about the meeting at Stellenbosch contact Rassie Erasmus
    ZS1YT at 021-4603640 or 083-4142606 and by e-mail at rassie@ctech.ac.za or packet at ZS1YT@ZS0STB.

    On Saturday June 17 the Southern Cape amateurs will be met at 09:00 in the Mossgas Information Bureau in Mossel Bay. For more detail about this
    meeting contact Johan, ZS1AAC at tel 028 754 2713 or 028 713 3541.

    Saterdag die 17de Junie is die tweede byeenkoms in Mosselbaai in die
    Mossgas Inligtingsentrum om 09:00 die oggend. Vir meer inligting kontak
    Johan, ZS1AAC by.

    Amateurs, do not miss these opportunities to ask the questions that have
    been bothering you and hear first hand answers to them as well as to
    express your views about the future of the SARL.


    Next Friday June 16, youth day, there will be two passes of SUNSAT over the
    RSA which should allow contacts in mode J with Reunion. The morning pass coincides with the SARL visit to the Boland Amateur Radio Club.

    The times of the passes in UTC are as follows:
    4:15 to 4:29 and 16:59 to 17:13.


    The Highway Amateur Radio Club as well as hams from various other clubs
    will be assisting REACT and other services on the Comrades Marathon. One
    very special aspect of communications this year will be the use of packet radio. In years gone by we have had to handle race numbers of drop out
    runners via voice. This has congested the voice repeaters and made
    emergency communications nearly impossible to handle. This year packet
    radio and bar code readers will send the race numbers to the finish line
    via two digipeaters and a number of field stations along the route. This
    is a first for us and if not a first in South Africa. We are all
    optimistic that this project will put amateur radio on the map.

    The Council and SARLNUUS notes with thanks this praiseworthy undertaking of
    the Highway Amateur Radio Club as well as members of other clubs and we are confident that it will be successful. It will be a practical demonstration
    of the fact that amateur radio iis indeed a service to the community.

    The Council and SARLNUUS notices with thanks the commendable undertaking of
    the Highway Amateur Radio Club and assistants of other clubs and we are confident that it will be successful. This is a practical demonstration of
    of the fact that amateur radio is a service to the community. Highway, SARLNUUS shall be pleased to receive feedback after the event for inclusion
    in a later bulletin.


    The results of the 80m qso party held on 2000 04-06 are as follows
    1. ZS6BHF - M. ROODT - 250 points
    2. ZS5LZ - M. RUSSELL - 210 points
    3. ZS5WC - W. VAN COLLER 160 points
    4. ZS1PK - P. KOTZE - 160 points
    5. ZS5LP- L. de BRUIN 110 points
    6. ZS5AES - A. COMMON - 110 points
    7. ZS5YG - C. SIEDLE - 100 points

    We thank those who took the trouble to submit logs. Of approximately 30 stations heard, only 7 submitted logs. ie approx 25%. This is very dissapointing.

    The second leg takes place in October; we look forward to an increased participation.


    This week was characterised by a large number of events on the Sun, too
    many to list or discuss in this bulletin. The major event was a huge solar flare that occurred in the afternoon of Tuesday June 6. With this solar
    flare a huge coronal mass ejection occurred. Its impact on the earth's magnetic field was noted just after 11:00 SAST on Thursday.

    Ionospheric and geomagnetic storm-conditions occurred that only ended yesterday.

    The other strange anomaly was that the solar flux declined for four days
    after the big flare, as if the sun was exhausted after this big flare. It
    is however expected that the solar flux will rise again.

    Two interesting bands for the coming week should be 20 and 80 metres. Look
    out for strong DX signals from the far East in the late afternoon, then
    from Eastern Europe after 19:00 SAST and from Western Europe after 21:00
    SAST. On the 80 metre band the DX from Central Europe should put in an appearance within two hours of sunset.


    Remember the High Way annual "Monster Bootsale at Monteseel" will take
    place on 24th of June at the QTH of ZS5JF. All are welcome. The gates
    will be open from 11:00 and the sale will commence at 12:00. Anyone
    needing directions to the venue can call ZS5JF at 031-7834092 or by e-mail
    at johnf@futurenet.co.za for directions.

    Remember the Short Wave Listener's contest for single operators which is
    taking place now and lasts till 24:00 UTC on the 30th June 2000.

    The winter bootsale of the West Rand Amateur Radio Club takes place on 1st
    July 2000 at the club house in Kroton Road, Weltevredenpark. The gates
    open at 9 am. Vendors are required to pay for stands, therefore prior
    booking is essential. Contact Bill van Zyl for more details at: 011
    726-6806 (w) and 011 726-6892 (H)

    The SARL news service invites radio clubs to supply information for
    inclusion in the Diary of Events as well as other items of interest to
    radio amateurs. Email information to sarlnuus@mweb.co.za. at least two
    weeks before the event. Please submit it in both Afrikaans and English wherever possible.

    The South African Radio League provides this news bulletin as a service to Radio Amateurs and interested listeners on the African Continent. News in
    this bulletin was supplied by the SARL news service, amateur radio clubs in South Africa the ARRL and the RSGB.

    Also join us on Sundays at 12:00 for the President's Net on 7082 kHz. This bulletin was compiled by George, ZS6NE and read by.........

    A reminder that the interesting program Amateur Radio Mirror International
    is on the air on Sundays at 10:00 SAST on 9750 and 21560 kHz and is
    repeated on Mondays at 20:00 SAST on 3215 kHz. These transmissions are sponsored by Sentech, the common carrier for broadcasting signals in South Africa and Telkom who provides the transmission lines. The following VHF frequencies are also used: 145,375 for the Northern Free State and Vaal triangle areas 145,400 for the greater Johannesburg area, 439,100 MHz for
    the Johannesburg and Pretoria area 145,650 MHz for the greater Durban area
    and if conditions permit in Pretoria on 145,750 MHz.

    The address for Amateur Radio Mirror International is armi@intekom.co.za. Include your contact telephone number to allow the producers of the
    programme to call you for a possible interview. Send written reports to P
    O Box 90438, Garsfontein, 0042 and include a self addressed stamped envelope,overseas stations two IRC's, so that you may receive a QSL card.

    Thanks to all who gathered news items and have made contributions to this bulletin. We thank all stations who so reliably relay the bulletins. We
    wish you a pleasant week. ZS6SRL now closes down with ZS6... at the microphone and.......

    Goodbye all.
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