• SA Radio League News Bulletin for Sunday 15 October 2000

    From Richard Peer@5:7106/22 to SA Radio League on Saturday, October 14, 2000 16:08:00

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    Nominations for the Siemens Radio Amateur and the Young Radio Amateur of the Year Awards for 2000 are invited. The awards are bestowed annually by the South African Amateur Radio Development Trust. Nomination forms are
    available from the Trust by sending an Email to arisas@intekom.co.za or a
    fax to 012 991-5651. The closing date for nominations is on 18 November and the awards will be presented on November 30.

    The Radio Amateur of the year award is bestowed annually for the support and development of the Amateur Radio Service in South Africa, not for individual achievements such as DXCC and other operational awards or contests. The recipient will be a person who has given of his or her time and expertise to the promotion and/ or technical enhancement of Amateur Radio in South

    The Young Radio Amateur of the Year Award is presented to a Radio Amateur, under the age of 25 years, who has excelled in promoting and developing the Amateur Service amongst his or her peer group. The candidate must have displayed initiative and good sportsmanship. His or her operation on the Amateur bands must be an example to all.

    The two recipients will each receive a certificate and a cheque for R1000.

    Nominations may be submitted by Clubs or individual radio amateurs. Here is
    an opportunity to recognise some in your club.


    Next Sunday, October 22 the SARL will once again present Telkom INTECNET
    2000, an interactive discussion network that addresses technical issues on Amateur Radio. With the launch of the Phase 3D satellite and the first
    Amateur Radio operation from the International Space station imminent, the focus will be on Space Communication.

    INTECNET is on the air at 20:00 CAT ( 18:00 UTC) on various VHF repeaters
    and on HF with an interactive link on 3712 and broadcast on 3215 kHz. Join
    our international guests for an informative evening.

    Clubs are invited to link their repeaters to the network. Send an Email to hans@intekom.co.za or a fax to 012 991 5652 before 20 October to book a
    link. Please supply the telephone number to be linked as well as details of the frequency of the repeater that will be used.


    Several applications for the SUNSAT awards have been received by SA AMSAT. Problems have been experienced with the design and printing of the award. A new designer has been commissioned and it is expected that the awards will
    be available from mid November.

    The first three successful applicants will also receive a copy of the ARRL Satellite Handbook with their certificates. SA AMSAT regrets the long
    delays experienced and apologises for the inconvenience.


    Magiel, ZS6BML, requests Hamnet members to again please forward their
    details to update the data base. Planning for the restructuring of Hamnet
    is at hand and the following information is required:

    Full Name
    Tel No
    e-mail address

    Details can be sent directly to the SARL or by e-mail to: Francois Botha, ZS6BUU, to overflow@global.co.za.

    The closing date for the submission of details is October 30.

    The identification cards have already been mailed of persons whose
    applications had been received by Magiel.


    SARL Subscriptions are now overdue. If you have not yet renewed your subscription please do so right away. The SARL need every Radio Amateur in South Africa as a member in order to be able to work in the interests of ALL radio Amateurs and the hobby in general. You owe it to yourself and to
    Amateur Radio to be a member of the League. Send in your subs right away.


    The Bloemfontein ARC will be setting up an amateur radio station at the SA
    Air Force 80 Air Show to be held at the Bloemspruit Air Force Base on 20 and
    21 October 2000. The air show will commemorate the 80 th anniversary of the South African Airforce. Application has been made for a special callsign
    and will be announced as soon as it is known.


    1.. The rules of the road that used to form part of the old Act is now contained in regulations 296 to 323 of the National Road Traffic Regulations made under the new Act. The rules of the road contained in the regulations
    is mostly the same as that contained in sections 89 to 117 of the old Act. There are two exceptions:

    The second exception is:

    A prohibition on the use of a communication device is included in the rules
    of the road. This last named prohibition can be found in regulation 308A of the National Road Traffic Regulations, and includes all forms of
    communication device except those--

    (aa) that allows the person to use the communication device without holding
    it in any way whatever, or

    (bb) two-way radios operating in the frequency bandwidth 2 megahertz to 500 megahertz, but only for a period of 12 months from the date of commencement
    of regulation 308A.


    At the AGM of Soutpansberg Amatauer Radio Club held om 7 October 2000, the following memebers were elected on the new committee for 2000/2001.

    President - Chris du Plessis ZS 6 BST
    Chairman - Haebes Haefele ZS 6 HAE
    Secretary - Martin Coetzee ZS 6 BQA
    Treasurer - Elsabe Coetzee ZS 6 BXP
    Repeaters - Hennie Collyn ZS 6 HJR
    Jan Engelbrecht ZR 6 JAN
    Addisionele lede
    Drienie van Wyk ZR 6 AJC
    Johan Zeelie ZS 6 BBA
    Theuns Prinsloo ZS 6 BNS

    The SARL wishes to thank the outgoing committe for their loyal support and
    hard word and wishes the new committe all the success for the new year in office.


    Ean Retief ZS1PR reports that the past week was a fairly quiet one as we
    were in the low part of a 28 day cycle. The Solar Flux declined and reached it's low point on Wednesday with a value of 140. From Thursday it started rising fairly rapidly.

    The bad news unfortunately is that it is expected that the rising part of
    the present 28 day cycle will only be about seven days long with a long declining phase of some 18 op 19 days. This means that the Solar Flux
    should reach a maximum value of about 220 on Wednesday or Thursday and then decline gradually to a value below 150 just after the first weekend in November.

    As expected the rising Solar Flux also heralded the start of Solar
    outbursts. Ean ZS1PR is of the opinion that the current magnetic activity should decline and that you should notice a reduction in noise levels from Tuesday. By Friday the QRN should be very low.

    Once again the 20 metre band is going to be the workhorse in the coming week for best long-distance propagation both locally and overseas.


    The Radio Society of Swaziland field day ends today at 12:00 SAST. They are operational on all the HF bands under the callsign 3DA0RS and will issue a
    QSL card for every contact if so requested.

    The Bloemfontein ARC is planning a flea market/boot sale on Saturday 04 November 2000 at the club house at the Air Force Base Bloemspruit. Contact Dennis ZS4BS at 082 770 9126 or zs4bs@netactive.co.za to book a table.

    The Magalies Radio Amateur Club is hosting a flea market at the Club house
    on the corner of Breyer and Mill Streets, Waverley in Pretoria on 11
    November at 08:00. Anyone who wishes to book a table or have a boot sale, should contact Fritz Sutherland ZS6ASF at (012) 997-1114 or send an e-mail message to suta@icon.co.za. Refreshments will be available.

    The West Rand Amateur Radio club will hold a boot sale on 25 November at the clubhouse in Kroton Ave, Weltevreden Park, Roodepoort. The gates will open
    at 09:00. Plenty to drink and eat will be available. For details contact
    Bill van Zyl, ZS6REV at 011 726-6807 (office) and 011 &26-6892 (home).

    Midlands Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce a grand
    Fleamarket/Bootsale which will take place at our new Clubhouse at the Natal Carbineers, Greer Street, Pietermaritzburg, on Saturday 25th November,
    starting at 11:00. Bring your families and your braai gear (AND lots of
    spare cash) and help yourself, your pals and your Club. Talk in on the 750 repeater. No auction - just stacks of goodies at bargain prices. No charge for tables, but donations to the Club by salesmen welcomed. SARL President Hans Potgieter will attend - why not come and meet him? And see the reps
    from Kenwood, Icom, and Antronic. COME....and enjoy yourselves.

    The SARL News Service invites Clubs and individuals to contribute
    information regarding Amateur Radio to sarlnuus@mweb.co.za with a copy to gth@mweb.co.za. Please submit in Afrikaans and English wherever possible.

    Also join us in the following activities:

    The President's Net on Sundays 12:00 on 7082 kHz. Amateur Radio Mirror International Sundays at 10:00 on 9750 and 21560 kHz which is repeated
    Mondays at 20:00 on 3215 kHz. Relays on various 2M repeaters can also be heard. A transmission on 145,400 MHz can be heard again. Correspondence
    for Amateur Radio Mirror International is via armi@intekom.co.za. Include
    your telephone number to allow the producers to call you for a possible interview. Send written reports to PO Box 90438 Garsfontein 0042 and
    include a self-addressed envelope and sufficient postage so that you may receive a QSL card.

    These transmissions are sponsored by Sentech, the common carrier for broadcasting signals in South Africa and Telkom who provides the
    transmission lines. Various local repeater frequencies on 2 metres and 70
    cm are also used in your area.

    We thank all contributors, especially clubs, to this bulletin and all
    stations who so reliably relay these bulletins. This bulletin was compiled
    by Marten, ZS6ZY, and read by ZS.... in ....... You have been listening to ZS6SRL. This transmission now ends and we wish you a pleasant week.

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