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    From Stefano Benzi@4:801/186 to All on Monday, September 25, 2000 02:36:14
    From: "Stefano Benzi" <benzi@telebasket.com>

    Dear friends,
    I am Stefano Benzi, general manager of Televolley.com, an international portal that will assemble in an only website the whole information related to the whole world of volley and beach volley. We are looking with big interests for some collaborators in your country. I would be very thankful if you'll let know
    this request to all your friends and collaborators. Our Televolley.com man (or woman....) will be the medium between your country and the worldwide volley. We're just starting up our project but we can recognize a little remuneration. We are looking for a young person, very very very fond of volleyball, able to give us every week fundamental news of your country in a correct English language: and the we will grow together and see.
    Our group, Media-Partners, has given life last year to Telebasket.com that with
    its five million of pages a month it is one of the sport sites most frequented
    of the whole world.
    I beg you to extend this letter to all the persons that you think are to the height of the assignment: we will be then us to select them. For further informations the interestd persons can contact benzi@televolley.com. Thanks, good job and. check out for Televolley.com

    Stefano Benzi
    ICQ #81500888

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